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Philipps-Universität Marburg

Philipps-Universität Marburg is a traditional university with approximately 27,000 students in 16 faculties. The university, founded by Landgrave Philipp in 1527, is the oldest Protestant university still in existence. Scientific core areas are in Biomedical Sciences and Medicine, Synthetic Microbiology, Material Sciences, Neuroscience, Linguistics, as well as in Conflict Studies and Near- and Middle Eastern Studies.

The city of Marburg, located on the banks of the Lahn River, has a population of almost 80,000 inhabitants. Philipps-Universität is characterized by bringing together history and modernity, with buildings reaching back to the 11th century as well as modern research centres built in the 21st century.

Studying in Marburg is particularly easy for disabled people, especially for the visually impaired, due to a number of special services. These self-imposed commitments have been awarded the “Family-Friendly University” Seal.