European Universities Accelerator

The EUF European Universities Accelerator is the newest and third community within the EUF network. Its focus is on supporting and enabling the advancement of the member universities participating in the Alliances. 

The Accelerator convenes monthly, serving as a problem-solving platform. Its work ranges from identifying common challenges to prototyping solutions. Colleagues can tap into a wealth of expertise and a diverse and extensive portfolio of activities closely aligned with Alliance objectives. 

The secondary goal is to support a transition from a competitive to a cooperative mindset among Alliances. Given that EUF member universities play a significant role in about two-thirds of all Alliances, this platform is an important catalyst for the development of the European University Alliances.


Who can take part?

All colleagues from the EUF network universities are welcome to participate.

Registration for the sessions and more information are shared via the appropriate EUF channels.

Upcoming events