Luxembourg office

16C rue de Canach
5353 Oetrange

Phone: +352 26 15 10
Email: contact (at) uni-foundation (dot) eu

Brussels office

Rue Joseph II, 120
BE-1000 Bruxelles

Mobility Digital Lab

ELTE-EUF joint office
Rákóczi út 5
1088 Budapest

University Internationalisation Hub

University of Barcelona
585 Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes
08007 Barcelona

If you have a question regarding the Erasmus+ Dashboard, the Erasmus+ App, the Online Learning Agreement or the Erasmus Without Paper (EWP) network please contact the ESCI Service Desk



  • João Bacelar, Executive Manager
    joao.bacelar (at) uni-foundation (dot) eu
  • Joachim Wyssling, Deputy Executive Manager
    joachim.wyssling (at) uni-foundation (dot) eu
  • Viktoriya Terzieva, Office Manager
    viktoriya.terzieva (at) uni-foundation (dot) eu


  • Debora Lucque, Communications Officer
    debora.lucque (at) uni-foundation (dot) eu
  • Anita Kardos, Communications Officer 
    anita.kardos (at) uni-foundation (dot) eu

Digital Lab

  • Tiago Simões, Backend Web/App Developer 
    tiago.simoes (at) uni-foundation (dot) eu
  • Damiano Fossa, Frontend Web/App Developer
    damiano.fossa (at) uni-foundation (dot) eu
  • Gabor Grosz, Backend Web/App Developer
    gabor.grosz (at) uni-foundation (dot) eu
  • Kilian Klein, Backend Web Developer
    kilian.klein (at) uni-foundation (dot) eu

Seconded expert (DG EAC)

  • Harpa Sif-Arnasdottir, Senior Relationship Manager

Policy and research

  • Valère Meus, EWP Coordinator
    valere.meus (at) uni-foundation (dot) eu
  • Daiga Kuzmane, Digital Strategy Officer
    daiga.kuzmane (at) uni-foundation (dot) eu
  • Anikó Makkai-Kovács, Senior Policy and Research Officer
    aniko.makkai-kovacs (at) uni-foundation (dot) eu
  • Helena Alves, Policy and Research Officer 
    helena.alves (at) uni-foundation (dot) eu
  • Liga Kuzmane, Policy and Research Officer (only Wed. and Thu.)
    liga.kuzmane (at) uni-foundation (dot) eu
  • Federica Bartolozzi, Policy and Research Officer
    federica.bartolozzi (at) uni-foundation (dot) eu
  • Salome Dermati, Policy and Policy Officer
    salome.dermati (at) uni-foundation (dot) eu
  • Katrīna Sproģe, Policy and Research Officer
    katrina.sproge (at) uni-foundation (dot) eu
  • Eva Marcén, Policy and Research Officer 
    eva.marcen (at) uni-foundation (dot) eu

Project Support Unit

  • Olesja Tishenko, Administrative Officer
    olesja.tishenko (at) uni-foundation (dot) eu
  • Kateryna Saiko, Administrative Officer
    kateryna.saiko (at) uni-foundation (dot) eu
  • Michele Quagliata, Legal Officer
    michele.quagliata (at) uni-foundation (dot) eu
  • Natalia Klenovska, Webmaster
    natalia.klenovska (at) uni-foundation (dot) eu