Knowledge Exchange Community

The Knowledge Exchange Community (KEC) is where the expertise, knowledge, and know-how of both administrative and academic staff members from EUF member universities converge. Over the past couple of years, this community has become a space for staying informed, inspired, and connected in the ever-evolving landscape of internationalisation of Higher Education and developments in the Erasmus+ programme, with their practical implications for students and university staff alike.


More specifically, what are KEC sessions about?

Monthly sessions are designed to offer higher education practitioners valuable job-related insights, covering a wide range of topics. These subjects span from the latest EU policy developments in higher education and internationalisation policies at Higher Education Institutions to the intricacies of staff and student mobility, social inclusion, and sustainability in the Erasmus+ programme, crisis management practices by IROs, the implementation of new mobility formats, and much more!


What to expect from KEC sessions?

KEC sessions are conducted online, ensuring accessibility for everyone in the network. In these interactive virtual gatherings, you will have the opportunity to engage with keynote speakers who share hands-on experiences, hailing from EUF network universities and external organisations, including the European Commission and National Agencies. Their experience and practical examples pave the way for interactive group discussions, fostering in-depth conversations in smaller groups to encourage the exchange of perspectives and collaborative learning.


Who can participate?

All colleagues from EUF network universities, both administrative and academic, are warmly invited to join these sessions. Your presence not only enriches the discussions but also shapes the content. This space allows everyone to present practices, learn from one another and contribute to the collective knowledge of the community.

Registration details for the sessions, along with additional information, are shared through EUF internal newsletter, mailing list and website.


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