The European University Foundation aims to accelerate the modernisation of the European Higher Education Area. The Foundation focuses its action on five pillars and it stands for diversity and social fairness in Higher Education.

Quality mobility

High-quality student mobility is of paramount importance to the EUF. The Foundation has more than 10 years of expertise in this field, notably thanks to the Campus Europae project. This pillar aims to promote high-quality student mobility, embed mobility in the curricula and carry out staff trainings and summer schools.

Currently the EUF member universities have developed the following avenues of cooperation:


Young graduates find it increasingly difficult to secure suitable jobs. The Foundation’s member universities have a shared interest in ensuring that their students develop a mix of skills that will allow them to thrive in the labour market. We therefore aim to strengthen the knowledge triangle and cooperation with employers while promoting entrepreneurial skills and graduate employability.

Policy innovation
Digital higher education
Active citizenship

The emphasis that the EUF has historically put on student mobility hails from the realisation that a deep understanding of foreign languages and cultures, strengthened by memories and friendships without borders, is a key ingredient for defending younger generations against nationalist discourse, which is becoming pervasive across Europe. We aim to carry out initiatives that promote the students’ active participation and raise awareness about European issues.

The current initiatives being pursued by the network are: