European PhD Hub

European PhD Hub

The European PhD Hub connects universities, students and business at local and European level via an online platform for research and innovation.

Started: 2017

Funding: Knowledge Alliance

Project budget: 997,528.76 €

Length: 3 years

Partners: 10

The European PhD Hub (PhD Hub) further professionalises PhD education and training and opens research to new avenues of collaboration among European academic and non-academic partners in the doctoral field. It offers higher education institutions the opportunity to embed research and innovation cooperation at the doctoral level locally with their non-academic partners via the creation of local hubs. Thus, it contributes to reinforce the knowledge square and pro-actively support the creation of new international University-Business cooperation models. Both elements are key to supporting the European Commission’s vision related to the reinforcement of the European Higher Education Area and European Research Area as well as ensuring the contribution of higher education institutions to the EU’s innovation capacity.

The PhD Hub project’s achievements and main results are:

  • A European portal centralising doctoral open positions, cooperation calls and a professional network;
  • A quality cooperation framework including guidelines for international cooperation in doctoral studies, a guide on University-Business cooperation in the doctoral field and the establishment of local hub strategies which pave the way for an effective application and deployment of the PhD Hub vision;
  • Further guides, e-books and products, including the PhD Hub user’s manual, guidelines on how to build a relevant PhD Hub strategy, a practical guide on how to unroll PhD Hub in higher education institutions and more – all designed to boost the exploitation of the results of the project in a sustainable and effective manner and made openly available at

Project partners: European University Foundation (coordinator), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Euroconsultants SA, Hellenic Petroleum SA, University of Alcala, Advantic Systemas SL, Birmingham City University, Auger Torque Europe Ltd, University of Lodz, LSI Software SA.