European PhD Hub

European PhD Hub

The European PhD Hub connects universities, students and business at local and European level via an online platform for research and innovation.

Started: 2017

Funding: Knowledge Alliance

Project budget: 997,528.76 €

Length: 3 years

Partners: 10

The European PhD hub is an online electronic platform that will provide PhD students, Researchers and Universities with new cooperation and funding opportunities from both the public and private sectors, both in direct research funding and commissioned research from enterprises. The project consists of three specific outputs aiming at:

1) Establishing a quality framework for university-business cooperation: Each University-Business tandem will establish their local PhD Hub strategy, aimed at representing the interest of both academic and corporate fields and finding a joint approach for triggering research and ensuring its transferability to the society at large. The Consortium will also develop two guides for respectively international and business cooperation for doctoral studies to lay the foundations of the both local and European research activities. The business cooperation guide will also entail guidelines for PhD Business mentors.

2) Building an online infrastructure to increase research opportunities and their transferability: The local PhD Hubs will share information both at local and European level thanks to an innovative online platform connecting the local IT platforms among themselves: this will allow to find partners interested in applying research results, search for public/private research partners or open calls for applications to vacant PhD positions. The local and European dimension of this community will substantially increase the number of research and knowledge transfer opportunities

3) Applying and mainstreaming the European PhD Hub: The University-Business tandems will be responsible for implementing their local PhD Hub strategy and informing/training both academic and corporate staff members and potential PhD students on the opportunities offered by the European PhD Hub. The project will support stakeholders to register on the European PhD Hub, present themselves and open calls for cooperation.

Partners: European University Foundation (coordinator), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Euroconsultants SA, Hellenic Petroleum SA, University of Alcala, Advantic Systemas SL, Birmingham City University, Auger Torque, University of Lodz, LSI Software SA.