Erasmus Skills

Erasmus Skills

The project will make it possible for students to self-assess their learning mobility outcomes and for academics to understand the added-value of mobility.

Started: 2018

Funding: Erasmus+ Key Action 2

Project budget: 194,372 €

Length: 2 years

Partners: 6

Erasmus Skills has been conceptualised in a period of time where European member states reached general consensus on the importance of learning mobility in their education systems. But the core of “Erasmus Skills” was to ensure that students are more aware of the process they go through while going on exchange and the impact this has on their personal skills and development, and their place in society as active citizens.

The project has been sequenced in a way that allowed to address all relevant target groups (students, administrative and academics staff and policymakers). The project results include:

Partners: University Autonoma de Madrid, Ghent University, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Erasmus Student Network,  ELM (Consultancy on Labour Mobility), European University Foundation