The SET project aims to bring about broader individual (attitude and behaviour) and policy (strategic and systemic) change to truly make Erasmus+ a more sustainable scheme.

Started: 2024

Funding: Erasmus+ Key Action 2

Project budget: 400.000,00 €

Length: 28 months

Partners: 7


The Sustainable Erasmus+ Travel (SET) project was designed to address the three following objectives:

  • Support the ongoing transition to a more environmentally sustainable Erasmus+ programme by researching the main features and reasoning behind students’ choices of transport to go on mobility;
  • Contribute to changing the narrative and promoting the journey to the Erasmus+ mobility as an educative and transformative experience through the platform for the Sustainable Erasmus Travel;
  • Recognise and visualise the added value of green travel by developing a prototype to recognise green soft skills.

This will be achieved by analysing the travel patterns of students, including the implementation and use of the green top up, and assessing what tips the balance for students to use more sustainable means of transport. Secondly, we will set up an online competition for students to showcase the experience of their journey to and from their mobility destination through more sustainable modes of transport. Thirdly, we will produce a digital repository of green competencies gained when travelling sustainably and create a framework for the recognition of such skills.

Project consortium: European University Foundation (coordinator), Universidade Do Porto, Univerzita Karlova Czechia, Universitat Zurich, Erasmus Student Network, Generation Climate Europe, Erasmus by Train.