Enhancing student well-being and success, HOME2, an EU-funded initiative, transforms student housing across Europe, focusing on inclusivity, quality, and support.

Started: 2023

Funding: Erasmus+ Key Action 2

Project budget: 400.000,00 €

Length: 30 months

Partners: 6


HOME2 – Home of Mobile Europeans (HOME2) is a 30-month project supported by the European Union. A successor to the HOME initiative, HOME2 aims to build upon past achievements while addressing emerging challenges in student housing.

HOME2 is dedicated to creating inclusive and supportive housing environments for students across Europe. It aims to tackle complexities in both university-provided housing and private accommodations, recognising the pivotal role housing plays in student well-being and success.

Structured into five pillars, the project focuses on:

  1. Students’ Needs and Perspective on Housing: Conducting research and analysis, updating Quality Labels, and setting standards for inclusive and high-quality student housing.
  2. University Support in Housing Provision:: Analysing issues related to university housing experiences and facilitating student access to accommodation through guidelines for International Relations Offices.
  3. Private and Public Student Housing Market Analysis: Addressing challenges faced by housing providers and landlords, with a focus on international students’ preferences.
  4. Observation, Maintenance, and Sustainability of the HOME Housing Tool: Analysing data, evaluating feedback, and enhancing user-friendliness of the Erasmus+ App housing solution.
  5. Communication, Dissemination, and Exploitation: Developing policy recommendations, promoting local integration for mobile students, and exploring the role of cities and local student NGOs.

HOME2 aims to deliver updated Quality Labels, policy recommendations, and a user-friendly housing solution over the next 30 months.

Project consortium: Politecnico di Milano (coordinator), Erasmus Student Network, University of Oviedo, International Union of Property Owners, Housing Anywhere, and European University Foundation.