DC4EU aims to apply the European Union’s eIDAS trust framework focusing on the education and social security fields.

Started: 2023

Funding: Digital Europe Programme

Project budget: 19.216.899,94 €

Length: 24 months

Partners: 61


The Digital Credentials for Europe (DC4EU) project will contribute to the revision of the eIDAS trust framework and extend its scope beyond identity, encompassing the electronic attestation of attributes.

Establishing the technical measures, processes, and procedures for establishing trust frameworks in sectoral areas will be crucial to the construction of a digital Europe. In this sense, DC4EU will focus on identifying and applying all these aspects in the Education field, focusing on the issuance of educational credentials and professional qualifications, and in the Social Security field by engaging in the execution of the portable document A1 (PDA1) and the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).

The project’s main objective is to test interoperability and scalability in the national domain and multiple cross-border contexts, to provide feedback to the European Commission and Member States for iterative updates through specific coordination work packages, project management processes and tasks.