HOME aims to boost the quality of student mobility by defining and implementing quality standards for international student accommodation.

Started: 2019

Funding: Erasmus+ Key Action 2

Project budget: 408,886.05 €

Length: 3 years

Partners: 6


HOME (Home Of Mobile Europeans) promotes international mobility by providing students and trainees with an easier way to find their new home abroad. It integrates quality accommodation options with current and future European initiatives for the digitisation of Higher Education, such as Erasmus Without Papers (EWP) and the Erasmus+ Mobile App of the European Commission.

While the EC plans on tripling the numbers of mobility participants by 2027, finding accommodation remains one of the main obstacles to international mobility, as highlighted by the HousErasmus+ research. Such conclusion is also shown by the latest EC Quality Survey, where participants’ satisfaction with “support in finding accommodation” has dropped to an all time low of 65%, which is 12% less compared to the previous year’s results. Especially vulnerable groups, whose main obstacle is the lack of information and limitations to funding (Erasmus Impact Study 2016), suffer under the housing shortage. This also is reflected in the staggering low numbers of Erasmus+ participants from disadvantaged backgrounds or with physical disabilities (official Erasmus+ statistics).

HOME supports the required improvements and helps the EU to prepare for the next Erasmus programme generation, by developing:

  • A common understanding of student accommodation quality standards (defining how accessible and qualitative accommodation looks like);
  • A Digital Data Standard (agreeing on how information about quality accommodation is stored);
  • A public API (defining how this information is accessed and shared between the various market participants, i.e. HEIs, students, market intermediaries, GOs, etc.).

Partners: HousingAnywhere, International Union of Property Owners, Erasmus Student Network, University Politecnico di Milano, Confia International, EUF