HOME aimed to boost the quality of student mobility by defining and implementing quality standards for international student accommodation.

Started: 2019

Funding: Erasmus+ Key Action 2

Project budget: 408,886.05 €

Length: 3 years

Partners: 6


HOME (Home Of Mobile Europeans) promoted international mobility by providing students and trainees with an easier way to find their new home abroad. It integrated quality accommodation options with current and future European initiatives for the digitisation of Higher Education, such as the Erasmus+ Mobile App of the European Commission.

In recent years, particularly following the pandemic, international students have been strongly affected by the lack of quality housing offers and increased inflation costs which resulted in many students having to give up their mobility for lack of accommodation or even worse for economic reasons.

Against this grim backdrop, the HOME project looked for the most efficient solutions to tackle some of the problems caused by the housing crisis, highlighting mainly the transparency factor to provide real, direct and reliable information for all those students who decide to go on a mobility. As a result, the HOME project developped:

  • Nine Student Accommodation Quality Labels, defining how accessible and qualitative accommodation looks like under international friendliness, room quality, wheelchair accessibility, premium accommodation, super secure and well-equipped;
  • A Digital Data Standard (agreeing on how information about quality accommodation is stored);
  • A public API (defining how this information is accessed and shared between the various market participants, i.e. HEIs, students, market intermediaries, GOs, etc.).
  • The integration of the transparency-based search function in the Erasmus+ App which is expected to increase students´ accessibility to quality mobility experiences.

Partners: HousingAnywhere, International Union of Property Owners, Erasmus Student Network, University Politecnico di Milano, Confia International, EUF