Erasmus Without Paper

Erasmus Without Paper

The EWP project aimed to render the administrative workflow of Erasmus paperless.

Started: 2015

Funding: Erasmus+ Key Action 3

Project budget: 499,982 €

Length: 3 years

Partners: 10

Erasmus Without Paper

The EWP project was the first of many initiatives tackling the digitisation of Erasmus student mobility management.

Although the majority of HEIs in Europe use software to handle mobility, to transfer the locally stored data, the data is reproduced or printed on paper in order to send it to the partner institution where, because of the format, it needs to be handed manually.

The project partners of the first Erasmus Without Paper project believed a lot of the work in the context of international student mobility can be avoided by using technology.

By replacing the huge paper-based workload by an electronic exchange of data, mobility can be managed more efficiently. In doing so, HEIs are able to focus on the inherent quality of mobility rather than on coping with a great variety of administrative procedures. For the mobile students themselves, a lot of double administration will be abolished. For potential mobile students a potential obstacle for going on mobility will thus be alleviated.

This first EWP project produced a blueprint and a proof of concept for the electronic “EWP Network” of trusted users. Individual HEIs can connect their Student Information Systems or Erasmus+ mobility management software via “connectors”, while third party providers can connect their mobility management software on behalf of their clients.

The results of the first EWP project have had an enormous impact on how HEIs think about Erasmus+ mobility management and has led to a range of follow-up projects and initiatives still driving the digitisation of Erasmus+ mobility management towards the next programme generation (2021-2027).

Partners: University of Ghent, Santander Group, European University Foundation, University of Oslo, University of Warsaw, University of Umea, University of Porto, Erasmus Student Network, Kion Spa, SOP, SIGMA. Associate partners: Compostela Group of Universities, UNICA, EAEC, EAIE, QS Unisolution GmbH.

EWP Back to the Future

Erasmus Without Paper (EWP) Back to the Future is the first edition of the Student Mobility Summit, a new series of high-impact events jointly organised by the University of Barcelona and the European University Foundation.

Are you curious about mastering EWP implementation inside out? Discover unique training sessions that provide the essential support you’ve always needed!

Student Mobility Summit