European Student Card

European Student Card

An EU funded project that aimed to simplify the mobility of higher education students and strengthen the social dimension of the European Higher Education Area.

Started: 2016

Funding: Erasmus+ Key Action 2

Length: 3 years

Partners: 8

The vision underlying the European Student Card (ESC) project is that of enabling students to assert their rights by connecting existing student cards to a digital system. The project partners worked on enabling students to seamlessly request accommodation, gain access to university canteens at student rates and access other services (e.g. library systems) beyond their own higher education institution. By doing so, the project partners aimed at encouraging stronger cooperation between institutions and increasing visiting, exchange or international students.

The consortium looked into establishing non-intrusive mechanisms that respect the procedures and systems specific to each country and institution and did not intend to replace existing student cards. It involved partners from France, Germany, Italy and Ireland. The ESC is lead by the Centre national des œuvres universitaires et scolaires (CNOUS) and the EUF was an associate partner and a member of the project’s Advisory Board.

The project was continued with the launch of the MyAcademidID project to create bridges between existing eID and the eIDAS directive.