Impressions from the EAIE2022

Impressions from the EAIE2022

The EAIE might be behind us, but the EUF team finds it hard to get over the three days spent in Barcelona. 

It was a whirlwind of activities and emotions. Before plunging head-on into the EAIE frenzy, our team hosted a networking dinner joined by over 30 people from our member universities. The excitement was palpable. For most it was the very first time they could connect in person, whereas for others it was a great feeling to meet familiar faces after so long in a more informal setting. The friendly atmosphere was felt by all the participants and the meaningful conversations shared infused them with the right amount of energy to kick off the hectic programme of the EAIE conference.

And it was hectic, indeed. The EUF team alone intervened in 6 sessions – 3 regular sessions, 1 poster session, 2 ignite sessions – throughout the course of the conference touching upon a wide variety of topics. The intention being to showcase the plethora of activities the network has been actively contributing to, for example in the context of inclusion, sustainability, and micro-credential.

All the sessions attracted almost 300 attendees who showed considerable interest in the insights shared by our colleagues. Anikó, Helena and Joachim delivered presentations, tapping into valuable results of some of the projects the EUF is currently involved in, such as Green Erasmus, SIEM, Compass, EDSSI and EDSSI L2

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