Erasmus Without Paper

Erasmus Without Paper

What is the Erasmus without Paper project?

The Erasmus without Paper project (EWP) aims to set to set up a Network that will allow any Erasmus+ Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) which organizes student exchanges to be part of an online exchange network (a kind of ‘internet’ of participating HEI actors) and therefore exchange its student data with any EU HEI system using the network and vice versa in a secure and efficient way. The project will primarily develop a framework and common standards for interoperability between HEI systems and will produce a prototype, but it will also work out concrete connectors so that the network can be fully tested at the end of the project.

Why do we need the EWP?

The EWP project is an innovative approach that carries the potential to create a link between all higher education institutions through overall electronic network. This will enable the permanent migration from the paper world to the electronic world of student data and improve the efficiency of labour and access to student data across Europe.

Open Source as a part of the EWP?

The transition towards a european wide EWP Network will require great efforts from the HEIs involved in student exchanges through Erasmus+. For all HEIs, it will be necessary to adapt their own SIS, to make it possible to integrate into the Network. All departments involved in the digitalised management will need to work to update and modify their digital systems.

As this presents a severe difficulty for the implementation of the Network, the EWP has proposed the Open Source University Alliance as a part of the project in order to make the transition as uncomplicated as possible. Whilst the open source repository will enable the change of paradigm that the EWP Network offers, it will also enable the HEIs to continue to develop the digital systems they use in the best way possible for their purpose.

You can find more information on the Erasmus Without Paper webpage: