Sustainability Roadmap: Strategies for Sustaining Erasmus+ Project Results

Sustainability Roadmap: Strategies for Sustaining Erasmus+ Project Results

Online event for EUF universities

Dates: June 13th, 10:30 – 12:00 CEST

Registration is open to Erasmus+ project coordinators and applicants, project advisors, and staff members from project units/departments from EUF network universities.


The number of Erasmus+ projects continues to grow, with considerable efforts dedicated to creating academic materials, developing platforms, and various tools/solutions for higher education students and staff. While there is a growing commitment to integrating project results into ongoing university processes, the path isn’t always seamless. It is therefore crucial not only to start working on the sustainability strategy from the early stages of the project but also to tackle factors vital to ensuring actual (mid-term and long-term) sustainability of project results beyond the funding period.

In this collaborative online session, we will focus:

  • Sustainability Scenarios: Better understanding the diverse challenges and opportunities related to maintaining project results post-funding period.
  • Practical Examples of Erasmus+ projects: Using these as a basis to further discuss the essential factors crucial for ensuring the sustainability of project results and addressing the nuances that play a decisive role for longer-term success.
  • Integration strategies (post-funding): Examining the circumstances and settings that foster successful continuation and integration of project results into university processes.