EUF Knowledge Exchange Community

EUF Knowledge Exchange Community

Online event for EUF universities

Audience: Staff members from EUF network universities (administrative and academic staff)

This autumn 2021, we are launching the EUF Knowledge Exchange Community that will facilitate the sharing of expertise, knowledge and know-how among colleagues from more than 70 member universities. The target group of these sessions are administrative and academic staff members of our universities and topics will range from EU policy developments in higher education to quality of staff and student mobility, social inclusion, green/sustainable mobility practices and many more!

The Knowledge Exchange Community sessions will be held online once a month. The topics of the sessions have been selected by the EUF coordinators, therefore the content mirrors the highest interest/priorities of the colleagues. In addition to a keynote about a given topic, time will be devoted to an interactive exchange to discuss practices in greater depth and share hands-on practices. The objective of these sessions is to provide higher education practitioners from the network with job-related insights.

During the autumn semester in 2021, we will focus on three key topics: implementing staff training mobility, sharing inclusive mobility practices and EU policy development in the field of higher education with a focus on microcredentials.

All colleagues from the EUF network universities are welcome to participate in the sessions as well as contribute to their content by presenting their practices and sharing expertise.

Registration for the sessions and more information will be shared shortly via the appropriate channels (mailing list and website).