Available now: #empl-oi guidelines for educators

Available now: #empl-oi guidelines for educators

Studies have shown that “employers have very little knowledge of what to expect from graduates and higher education institutions have a similar low level of knowledge concerning employers’ needs.”*

The guidelines of project #empl-oi offer a solution to this problem in the higher education context. They encourage a university-business proactive collaboration and aim to make clear to stakeholders the manifold reasons to foster cooperation and an entrepreneurialisation of HEIs. The e-book also puts forward suggestions on possible logics to adopt to support and ease the process of change, along with several tools/strategies.

The guidelines address the structure of curricula and teaching approaches, strategies to encourage the embedment of entrepreneurship in education and to successfully conduct changing pro­cesses, as well as ways to engage economic players.

Within the framework of #empl-oi, additional resources are available to the public:

*HEGESCO project’s results in University of Ljubljana (2013), Considering university-business cooperation from the perspective of graduates’ early careers, 10th International Workshop on Higher Education Reform (WHER), p. 2.