Implementing doctoral mobility

Implementing doctoral mobility

January 13, 2022

Online event for EUF universities

Audience: Staff members from EUF network universities (administrative and academic staff)

Date: March 2022 (date to be confirmed)

Registration is open only to staff members from EUF network universities.

The fifth session of the EUF network Knowledge Exchange Community on doctoral mobility will be held on March 2022 (date to be confirmed).

The new Erasmus Programme (2021-2027) has brought several novelties concerning the implementation of doctoral mobility, such as the possibility for PhD candidates and recent graduates to undertake short- or long-term physical study/traineeship mobility periods abroad.

The aim of these changes is to better meet the diverse learning and training needs of doctoral candidates and to provide them with the same opportunities as University staff members/University staff.

In addition to exploring the new possibilities opened by the Programme, this session will focus on how these novelties could be best applied in the coming years and whether they are fit for purpose.

Agenda will be added shortly 

The number of participants is limited. Registration takes place on a first come first served basis. In the event of high interest, a general principle of a maximum of 3 representatives per university may be applied.