Erasmus+ Covid-19 Mobility Status website now online!

Erasmus+ Covid-19 Mobility Status website now online!

June 11, 2020

As the European higher education area and Erasmus mobilities in particular have been disrupted by the current public health crisis, many students and Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) themselves face uncertainties. A research report about the immediate effects of the Coronavirus pandemic on student mobilities has been published by the Erasmus Student Network.

In order to be of help to students in these unprecedented times, the EUF, with the support of the Swiss National Agency Movetia and the University of Porto, developed the Erasmus+ Covid-19 Mobility Status website, an online tool where students can check useful information regarding their host university for the autumn semester of 2020/2021. To search for a HEI, type either the name, city or country in the search box.

HEIs can submit their current mobility status through the Erasmus Without Paper Dashboard, which can also be used to manage mobilities free of charge. Once registered and logged in, HEIs can provide their data in the Covid-19 section. The information can be updated as the situation evolves as many times as necessary. Read the step-by-step tutorial for more in-depth information.

The Erasmus+ Covid-19 Mobility Status tool is a prime example of how digitalisation can support the administrative procedures surrounding Erasmus mobilities, freeing up time for quality-oriented tasks. The database currently has entries from more than 700 institutions and is still growing.