A Look Back at 2023’s Top Reads

A Look Back at 2023’s Top Reads

As we conclude 2023, we take a retrospective look at the articles that resonated with our readers for the third consecutive year. Here are the top three articles that stood out as the most engaging reads:

1. Erasmus+ isn’t for all. How can this change? – This article delves into the limitations of the current Erasmus+ scholarship system and presents potential solutions for enhancing student involvement. Criticising inconsistencies, inadequate grant amounts, and a lack of transparency, it proposes strategies such as updating country groups based on living costs, introducing European grants with living cost top-ups, and city-based cost assessments. The overarching goal is to create a more equitable and transparent system, fostering broader and more inclusive student participation in international mobility.

2. Teaching mobility: a hidden key for successful internationalisation practices – Despite being less discussed, teaching mobility significantly contributes to internationalisation efforts in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). Emphasising the need for a strategic approach, this article draws from the Teach with Erasmus+ project’s findings and interviews with staff members of the EUF network involved in teaching mobility. The article, second piece of the Vision Series, underscores the importance of aligning institutional strategies with the ambitions of academics, highlighting the untapped potential of teaching mobility.

3. EUF, ESU and ESN launch the Erasmus+ review 21/22 report – A recap on the launch of the Erasmus+ Review report held at the European Parliament, hosted by MEP Marcos Ros, a member of the CULT Committee, last March. The report analyses the impact of the new Erasmus+ programming period that commenced in 2021, addressing challenges encountered during the transition phase. Focusing on horizontal priorities like inclusion, sustainability, and digitalisation, the report evaluates programme successes, novelties, and recommends improvements for the mid-term review of Erasmus+.

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