Find your partners for International Credit Mobility

Find your partners for International Credit Mobility

Online event for EUF universities

Date: January 11th, 2024 from 2:00pm to 3:30pm CET

Registration is open to IROs, mobility coordinators (at central and faculty level) interested to establish partnerships with the Erasmus Partner Countries both for staff and student mobilities.


The  goal of this online session is to create a dynamic space where mobility coordinators and faculty representatives can meet and initiate new partnerships. While the focus of the session will primarily be on the International Credit Mobility (ICM), it does not need to be limited to ICM and you may also think of cooperation avenues beyond this funding framework. 

As the Erasmus+ KA1 application deadline is late February 2024, the networking process will be organised in two stages ensuring space to contact each other throughout December and January:

  • Information gathering and sharing about subject areas (December-January): EUF network members from Erasmus+ Partner Countries will indicate their interest and available subject areas for ICM. This information will be shared with colleagues from the Erasmus+ Programme Countries before and during the event to facilitate networking. 
  • Online networking session (January 11th): The online networking session will be an excellent space to meet colleagues allowing mobility coordinators to explore more concretely the potential cooperation avenues and decide on next steps.

We warmly invite you to join the session to expand and strengthen cooperation across the network and use the opportunity to meet our network colleagues from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Ukraine and Kosovo.

To receive access to the networking database and participate in the networking session, please sign-up here.