Online workshops: Preparing your Erasmus+ 2023 project application

Online workshops: Preparing your Erasmus+ 2023 project application

The EUF Project Manager and Advisor Community is organising a new cycle of online workshops and sessions with the intention to support staff from member universities with the planning, preparation and submission of their Erasmus+ project application 2023 (Cooperation Partnerships in Higher Education, KA2).

Registration is open to staff members from the EUF network and will close 2 days before the workshop takes place.


Workshops on project design: planning project activities, timeline and designing the overall coherence of the project

Dates: January 26th and 27th, 2023 (10:30 – 12:30 CET)

Once the consortium is established, we enter the phase of planning the project in greater detail by designing the overall architecture of activities, tasks and roles. It is among the most important phases since it will determine whether or not the project proposal will succeed and whether the proposed activities will lead to the desired results.

Which steps are the most relevant to ensure the achievement of project goals and objectives? How do we make sure the full coherence of planned structure of activities? What strategies do we apply during the project designing phase?

In these 2 consecutive sessions we will look into all these questions and will share practices as well as samples of previous projects on how to structure the project proposal to ensure strong and well-thought-out logic of steps that are coherent and leading to achieving the desired impact.


Workshop on financial planning of Erasmus+ projects

Date: February 8th (10:30-12:30 CET) 

Planning the financial side of the project is often one of the most challenging tasks during the preparation phase. It is highly important to have a balanced, realistic and internally agreed/approved budget, in particular in the current framework of the Erasmus+ KA2 projects. This is an opportunity to use former experience and best practices to create a budget structure that is fully relevant for your proposal. 

The workshop will be devoted to: 

  • exploring several options/models on how to estimate the budget of your Erasmus+ project, 
  • sharing lessons learnt to ensure efficient financial planning.

Workshop on mastering the application form of Cooperation Partnership projects

Date: February 22nd (10:30-12:30 CET) 

When project objectives, foreseen impact and activities are clarified, the next crucial step is to coherently describe the project following the required structure of the Erasmus+ application form. The application of the Cooperation Partnerships projects changed over the past few years thus requiring applicants to adjust the style of descriptions to fully align with the requirements. 

During the workshop, we will share strategies and support you in the creation of your own strategy/approach to organise/structure the project description. We will also analyse several questions from the application form as well as highlight the most crucial parts and interconnectedness.


Workshop on defining indicators in Cooperation Partnership projects (in lieu of the Q&A session as per suggestion of participants from previous sessions)

Date: March 8th (10:30-12:00 CET) 

The last topic closing the series of online workshops to successfully plan and prepare your Erasmus+ 2023 project application will focus on defining indicators. We will jointly explore strategies on how to define indicators within each Work Package and/or relevant activity. The  session will follow along the guidelines provided in the Handbook on the lump sum funding model (published in January 2023 by the European Commission) and look into practical aspects by using as examples applications under preparation for the upcoming call.

Please note that further information will be provided to registered participants and that sessions will not be recorded.