61st ACA European Policy Seminar

61st ACA European Policy Seminar

Will virtual education become the new paradigm of internationalisation?

On November 22nd, ACA will address the theme From physical to virtual? Internationalising higher education in the digital age during the 61st ACA European Policy Seminar.

The one-day programme in Brussels will focus on policy updates on the digitalisation of higher education in Europe, with a particular attention paid to the new Erasmus programme 2021-2027, and an overview of the most recents developments of digital infrastructure and digital tools available to higher education instutitions.

Stefan Jahnke and Victor Aguilar (EUF) will conduct the workshop “Digital tools for administration – Interoperability of digital administration tools across the EU, national and institutional levels”, showcasing the Erasmus Without Paper network and the MyAcademicID project.

For more information about the programme and registrations please visit the event’s website.