Changing Universities. Changing Europe.

20th anniversary conference
30th November 2023 | Rotterdam, Netherlands

Changing universities. Changing Europe.

20th Anniversary of the EUF

The EUF 20th anniversary celebrations will be hosted by the Erasmus University Rotterdam, which is itself celebrating its 110th anniversary. This will be a joyous occasion for colleagues from across the network to come together and celebrate the accomplishments of the last 20 years,  several of which have become integral to the Erasmus+ programme, as well as to consider new challenges together. Please consider joining us for this special occasion! 

Celebrating twenty years of achievements


12:30Walk-in coffee/tea
by conference moderator: René Teunissen, Senior Policy Advisor Internationalisation, Erasmus University Rotterdam and introduction address by Ed Brinksma, President, Erasmus University Rotterdam
13:40Revisiting two decades of achievements
Speakers will highlight the main achievements of the network over the past two decades.

Speakers: Prof. Dr. Christoph Ehmann, former Secretary-General of the EUF; Daiga Kuzmane, Digital Strategy Officer of the EUF; Christina Bohle, Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator, Humboldt University; Ignacio Rodriguez, Policy Advisor on Internationalisation, University of Alcalá; Andries Verspeeten, Deputy Head of International Office, Ghent University; Luísa Capitão, Head of International Office, University of Porto; Klementyna Kielak, Deputy of of International Office, University of Warsaw. Moderator: Joachim Wyssling, Deputy Executive Manager, EUF.
14:20Keynote: Changing Universities. Changing Europe.
Higher education has a key role to play in building our societies of tomorrow. What are the core priorities in higher education at European and national levels? How can internationalisation of higher education contribute to those? What role for European university networks and alliances in achieving them?

by Prof. Markéta Křížová, EUF President.
14:50Coffee break
15:20Roundtable: European Higher Education in 2030
The panelists will exchange their views on challenges and opportunities that will inform the next decade of the EUF, a network heading towards 100 members in over 30 countries, and European Higher Education more broadly.

Panel moderator: Dr. Yoan Vilain, EUF Vice-President, Humboldt University of Berlin. Panellists: Imre Hamar, Vice-Rector, Eötvös Loránd University; Ed Brinksma, President, Erasmus University Rotterdam; Gabriele Siegert, Deputy President, University of Zürich; José Ravenstein, Senior Policy Officer, Nuffic; Jan Borm, Vice-President, UVSQ-Saclay; Bibiana Crespo Martin, Rectors’ Delegate for internationalisation, University of Barcelona
by conference moderator: René Teunissen, Senior Policy Advisor Internationalisation, Erasmus University Rotterdam
16:45Networking reception

Venue & Host

The anniversary event “Changing Universities. Changing Europe.” commemorating the 20-year existence of the EUF network will be held in the city of Rotterdam. The event will be hosted by Erasmus University Rotterdam at the Erasmus Paviljon in Campus Woudestein, Burgemeester Oudlaan 350, 3062 PA Rotterdam.

About Rotterdam

Rotterdam, a thriving Dutch city with rich historical roots, boasts a fascinating evolution from a fishing village to a cutting-edge metropolis. Positioned at Europe’s gateway due to its strategic waterway access, Rotterdam houses Europe’s largest port. Despite World War II’s devastation, the city emerged anew, boasting modern skyscrapers like the iconic Erasmus Bridge. This resilient hub pulses with cultural diversity, reflected in its art, cuisine, and lively atmosphere, earning it the title of European City of the Year in 2015. 

About the Erasmus University Rotterdam

Named after a great philosopher, Erasmus University Rotterdam is an internationally respected, innovative, and vibrant university that is driven to make a positive societal impact. We integrate high-quality academic research into our challenging and inspiring Bachelor, Master, PhD, executive programmes, and online education. Our research-based education helps students develop the skills required for the current and future job market. We stimulate students to think further than their assumptions: to explore other perspectives, search for new solutions and discover different insights. 



Rotterdam is well connected to the European rail network, with direct connections notably from Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. A number of train connections are high-speed train connections (Intercity Direct, Thalys). More information here.


From Schiphol Airport To reach Erasmus University Woudestein campus from Schiphol Airport, take the Intercity Direct train to Rotterdam Centraal. The train ride takes approximately 20 minutes. Tickets can be purchased at the station. Upon arriving at Rotterdam Centraal, exit the station in the direction of the city centre. You will find several tram stops on your left. Board either Tram 21 or 24 from platform C, heading towards De Esch, and disembark at either Oude Plantage or Woudestein. Tram tickets can be bought on board. It’s just a three-minute walk from there to the university campus.
From Rotterdam Airport To travel from Rotterdam Airport to Erasmus University Woudestein Campus, exit the airport and turn left towards the bus stop. Take Bus 33 in the direction of Rotterdam Centraal Station. Bus tickets can be purchased onboard. Upon reaching Rotterdam Centraal, walk through the station and exit on the opposite side, where the tram stops are located. Board Tram 21 or 24 from platform C, heading towards De Esch, and alight at either Oude Plantage or Woudestein. A brief three-minute walk will lead you to the campus.
From Eindhoven Airport From Eindhoven Airport, head to the bus stop outside the terminal and take Bus 401 to Eindhoven Station, a journey of approximately 25 minutes. Bus tickets can be obtained onboard. At Eindhoven Station, catch a train to Rotterdam Central. Upon arriving at Rotterdam Centraal, exit the station towards the city centre side. You’ll find several tram stops to your left. Board either Tram 21 or 24 from platform C, in the direction of De Esch, and get off at either Oude Plantage or Woudestein. Tram tickets are available for purchase on the tram. From there, it’s a quick three-minute walk to the university campus.

Local transportation

To reach the campus from Rotterdam Centraal Station, take either Tram 21 or 24 from platform C in the direction of De Esch and disembark at either Oude Plantage or Woudestein. A brief three-minute walk from there will lead you to the campus.

Getting around in Rotterdam

From Rotterdam Centraal, you can easily walk to the city center in just 5 minutes. The public transportation network in Rotterdam includes trains, trams, metros, and buses. Additionally, you have the option to rent a bike or take a taxi or water taxi from various locations throughout the city.

For more information about Dutch transportation and visiting Rotterdam, please visit: RET, 9292, Rotterdam info.

Accommodation suggestions

More options are available on, Airbnb or

Novotel Rotterdam Brainpark

Near the venue

The James Hotel Rotterdam

Hotel in the city center

Nhow hotel

Unique view on the Erasmusbridge