Team Motivation and Team Dynamics in Erasmus+ Projects

Team Motivation and Team Dynamics in Erasmus+ Projects

Online event for EUF universities

Date: November 9th, 202310:30AM – 12:30PM CEST

Registration is open to Erasmus+ project coordinators and applicants (KA2, KA3), project advisors, and staff members from project units/departments from EUF network universities.


Smooth and effective collaboration across international teams is a cornerstone of project success. However, communication in cross-cultural contexts and ensuring harmonious collaboration that brings out the best in everyone can be challenging. In this online session, we’ll closely examine key aspects of maintaining motivation within Erasmus+ project teams and explore strategies for enhancing partner engagement through impactful collaboration throughout the project lifecycle.


Session highlight

  • Practical strategies shared by experienced colleagues for engaging the project team throughout the project’s lifecycle.
  • Effective communication and understanding of cultural nuances to align and motivate the project team across cross-cultural dynamics.
  • Overcoming virtual collaboration hurdles by sharing insights from past and current projects.

Join us to uncover strategies that amplify team engagement across diverse cultural backgrounds, taking Erasmus+ project results to new heights.