Innovations for a truly European teaching experience

Innovations for a truly European teaching experience

The conference “Innovations for a truly European teaching experience”, which will take place on the 2nd of July, will see the launch of the Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility platform, an online marketplace for academics and Higher Education Institutions to publish, find and apply for teaching or training mobility activities.

The event will also allow participants to get acquainted with the research about quality teaching mobility and its innovative toolkit, the pedagogical methodology database developed to support mobile academics, as well as recommendations for quality teaching mobility for academics, Higher Education Institutions and policymakers.

In preparation for a post-pandemic world, where we will be able to enjoy each other’s company, discover new places and learn new things face-to-face once again, while still taking advantage of blended and online teaching mobilities, don’t miss the chance to learn all about the latest innovations and tools for a truly European teaching experience.

Read the programme and register before the 1st of July!

This event takes place in the framework of the  Teach with Erasmus+ (TWE+) project, which started in 2017 when a few ambitious Erasmus coordinators identified the important role that academics play in mobility projects. The consortium has since identified and defined quality teaching mobility, researched and developed a toolkit, developed a pedagogical methodology database and a platform where users can search, find and advertise teaching or training mobility opportunities, and also drafted recommendations on teaching mobility.