Higher Education surveys: have your say!

We are currently conducting two surveys in the framework of Erasmus+ projects European STEP and DocMob. Participate and help us improve the European Higher Education Area!

Engaged students and formal recognition

In the framework of the Erasmus+ project European STudent Engagement Project (European STEP), we are conducting a survey on the recognition and support mechanisms of student engagement. We would appreciate your contribution by forwarding this information to the student engagement officer, Erasmus+ coordinator, or any colleague who deals with student and community life at your Institution! Your feedback will help us collect important data on the general policies in use. After this analysis, we will be able to conclude if students’ participation in citizenship-related and solidarity activities, student’s involvement within their institution and on campus, and students’ political and associative commitment lead to formal validation in academic careers. The survey is open until 31st March and should take approximately 30 minutes to fill in.

Erasmus+ and PhD mobility

Last autumn we contributed to the kick-off of project DocMob, which focuses on tools and good practices in doctoral mobilityWe have run an initial analysis of the good practices and obstacles in this field and are now gathering quantitative input from higher education institutions. The survey will help us identify the different ways doctoral studies and international mobility are organised throughout Europe and how it affects Erasmus+ PhD students’ mobility. Considering these variations, the results will help to shape Erasmus+ doctoral mobility on a larger scale and design appropriate Erasmus+ tools specifically for PhD students. Contribute to the survey until March 25th!