One Step Closer to a Digital Erasmus – OLA for Traineeships Launched!

One Step Closer to a Digital Erasmus – OLA for Traineeships Launched!

The Online Learning Agreement continues to grow and as of today it also supports Erasmus+ mobilities for traineeships/placements.

The beta version of OLA for Traineeships has been released this week and offers all Erasmus+ students the possibility to fill in and finalise the Learning Agreement for their traineeships/placements online. The new functionality was already presented during the Erasmus Going Digital Conference in Barcelona last month.

The infrastructure allows users to indicate all the necessary information in line with the official EC template for the documentation and have it approved and signed online by the sending higher education institution and receiving organisation/enterprise. This cuts the time — and costs —  required to manage such exchanges in half.

The current release marks another important step towards the digitisation and modernisation of the programme by ensuring that all key steps have appropriate infrastructure. Future updates will include a connection to the Erasmus Dashboard to provide a even broader scope of functionalities and level of interaction for the users.

The Online Learning Agreement for Traineeships is one of the key deliverables of the Online Learning Agreement+, a Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project supported by the Luxembourg National Agency (Anefore). Contributing partners are:

  •     European University Foundation (Luxembourg, coordinating institution),
  •     University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
  •     University of Marburg (Germany)
  •     University of Alcala (Spain)
  •     Pantheon-Sorbonne University (France)
  •     University of Bergen (Norway)
  •     Erasmus University of Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
  •     University of Vienna (Austria)
  •     Lodz University of Technology (Poland)
  •     Erasmus Student Network (Belgium), which led the technical development for the student interface.

Follow the updates announced in the EUF newsletter to learn more on the next development steps.