The conference: Blended Erasmus+ for Higher Education professionals – a leap into the future concludes the two-year Erasmus+ co-funded project Blended Erasmus+ Staff Training (BEST+).

The BEST+ projects aims to innovate the way university staff members working in international relations develop their competences.

To achieve this goal, a cost efficient new methodology called blended staff mobility was piloted, combining traditional physical mobility with comprehensive online material. In this context, the blendedmobility.eu online platform was developed, which serves as community platform for all university staff members working in international relations.

BEST+ tested the blended concept through conducting three different courses relevant to improving the work of university staff and the quality of mobility.

Additionally, the project created guidelines for blended staff mobility, describing in detail the different methodologies that can be used to efficiently conduct blended staff mobility courses and how to implement them in the blendedmobility.eu online platform.

The Project consortium



The conference organiser

The European University Foundation (EUF) is a network of 22 universities established in 16 countries. It stands for diversity and social fairness in Higher Education and aims to accelerate the modernisation of the European Higher Education Area. The network deploys intensive cooperation and policy experimentation under five key pillars:

  1. Digital Higher Education both for governance and provision of education
  2. Entrepreneurship and employability skills of graduates
  3. Policy innovation at national and European level
  4. Active citizenship of students and
  5. Quality mobility for all

The EUF has a longstanding experience in organising high-quality training events for Higher Education staff members who wish to work on their personal and professional development and improve the work of their institutions.


For any practical questions regarding the conference, please contact the event organiser Stefan Jahnke

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