Policy Innovation

Policy innovation is one of the EUF’s most important areas of operation. The EUF network aims to design and test innovative policies to address challenges faced by the European Higher Education Area.

In recent years, the EUF has made a range of recommendations based on the experience and expertise of member universities, many of which have been incorporated into the European Commission’s policies and impacted the design of the renewed Erasmus+ programme.

The successful contribution of the EUF to EU policy discussions has enabled the network to advocate specific policy issues at the European level, while disseminating policy information to its members. 

The EUF focuses on the following priority areas: quality mobility, employability, digital higher education, sustainable internationalisation and active citizenship.

Learn more about the policy recommendations in the Resource Centre.

EUF Vision Series

The power of the EUF network lies in its members. The wide variety of perspectives and opinions draws the vision of the EUF. In this series, we provide research results, opinion articles, reviews and analyses related to the most essential and up-to-date policy topics, which are based on the experience of lecturers and staff of the member universities, including those who are actively involved in EUF projects.