Ghent University Staff Week May 2020

Ghent University Staff Week May 2020

February 11, 2020

Ghent University‘s international staff week will take place from the 6th to 8th of May with the topic “International education in disruptive times. Sharing solutions to face global challenges”.


At present we live in disruptive times; change and persistent growth affect societies all over the world creating complex challenges. It would be naïve to think that international education isn’t influenced by these challenges. Even more, internationalisation often plays a pivotal role in certain major challenges, issues or trends. In times of global engagement being increasingly challenged by zero-sum approaches to internationalization we can’t only focus on the positive effects of our work, but also need to be aware of the potential negative impact of internationalisation and accordingly.

In this staff week Ghent University organises a series of engaging talks addressing the links between internationalisation and major contemporary societal issues like growing nationalisms, changing demographic pressures, and environmental anxieties.The programme will focus on a holistic, long-term concept for societal transformation but will present specifically the ways Ghent University addresses the intertwining of international education with sustainability, human rights standards, post colonialism and diversity.


This staff week is conceived as a fact finding mission for all participants, by bringing together external experts and university staff members with expertise in different areas to facilitate the exchange of insights, policies, initiatives and best practices regarding the impact of international education on contemporary societal issues. Through the exchange of ideas participants should learn how to look beyond traditional geopolitics to engage creatively with the emergent landscape.

Selection of participants

Places are limited. Ghent University reserves the right to make a selection, based on motivation, profile and expertise of the candidates. For this you will be asked in your application to upload a Word or PDF file with more information on your institutional expertise concerning the subject of this staff week.

Registrations are open until February 25th.