Course equivalences

The creation of Europe’s largest database of course equivalences.

Start: 2008

End: 2014

Course equivalences

The recognition of studies abroad is an issue of paramount importance for the members of the network: mobile students must not be exposed to any complications regarding the recognition of ECTS credits earned abroad that would lead to the prolongation of their studies. To this end, the EUF has always worked to establish ex-ante recognitions in ways that do not lead to the standardisation of academic curricula. Therefore, the EUF has fostered intensive academic cooperation among professors, who convened on a regular basis during Subject Committee meetings (in the fields of Natural Sciences, Teach Education, Business, Law and Humanities). Together, professors looked into ways of articulating the curricula of participating universities in order to establish broad mobility pathways.

The practical outcome of this effort was Europe’s largest database of course equivalences, which helped students to choose course units available in other universities within the network that are equivalent to the course units at their home university.