Санкт-Петербург и Петродворец / St. Petersburg & Peterhof (Petrodvorets) / Timelapse

Saint Petersburg State University

The St. Petersburg State University was founded in 1724. The core of the University’s policy is the combination of teaching and research. Seven University alumni and ex-members have won Nobel Prizes: Ivan Pavlov and Ilia Mechnikov in physiology and medicine, Nikolay Semenov in chemistry, Leo Landau and Alexander Prokhorov in Physics, and Vasilij Leontyev and Leonid Kantorovich in economics. The Gorky Scientific Library is one of the most extensive among university libraries. A botanical garden, swimming pool, and a variety of sports facilities are at the disposal of students.

Built by Tsar Peter the Great, the dazzling city of St. Petersburg offers history, art, amazing architecture and a great nightlife, including fantastic ballet and opera productions.

Saint Petersburg