Erasmus Salons

The Erasmus salons

Throughout 2018, the European University Foundation will host a series of debates on European higher education.

Named after the European Union’s Erasmus+ Programme, these Erasmus Salons will present a dynamic discussion between relevant stakeholders and a broader audience. Held in public cafés across Brussels, the debates will feature a speaker who will challenge the audience and engage them in a frank exchange of ideas.

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Is Erasmus+ inclusive enough?

Salon #7

22 November 2018, 17:30 - 19:00 Brussels time

Erasmus+ was designed as a socially inclusive programme. While not unsuccessful, the degree of success is considered not enough. Since 2017, the EU leaders’ drive to create a European social pillar has highlighted the importance of inclusion and accessibility of Erasmus among other programmes.

European University Foundation

The European University Foundation is a network of universities committed to bring about a modern, strong and competitive European Higher Education Area. The EUF is also an influential advocate for a substantial increase of the quantity and quality of student mobility, regularly putting forward new ideas, policies and recommendations.The network has a rich history of promoting policy reform and contributing to the further development of the Erasmus programme, and deploys intensive cooperation and policy experimentation under five key pillars.