Becoming an associate member

Becoming an associate member

Whilst full membership of the EUF is possible on an invitation-only basis, accredited Higher Education Institutions that share the vision and values of the EUF are welcomed to play an active role as associate members of the organisation.

Being an associate member means having privileged access to solutions contributing to the internationalisation of their institution, having the opportunity to actively participate in new Erasmus+ funded projects, benefiting from cutting-edge IT solutions and taking advantage of the wide range of staff training activities and consulting solutions offered by the EUF.

The EUF supports innovation and facilitates the internationalisation of Higher Education institutions by offering a range of services tailored to their needs. We base all our services on our long-standing experience and a proven track record of over ten years of successful work in the field.

Only accredited Higher Education Institutions are eligible for associate membership. EUF associate members pay a fee of 1500€/year.

To get more information or apply for associate membership of the EUF, please contact us at