Becoming a member

Becoming a member

The EUF member universities are among the best in their respective countries and share a culture of academic excellence. They are committed to the advancement of the European Higher Education Area, each contributing with best practices and project proposals that reflect their respective strengths and expertise.

The EUF member universities can expect to:

  • Be actively involved in projects and discussions aimed at shaping future EU policies
  • Benefit from the cooperation of a close-knit network of academics and staff
  • Establish synergies with partner universities that enhance the quality and impact of their international activities

The advantages of being a EUF member are:

  • Be invited to EUF conferences, staff trainings and other events
  • Access to the EUF Project Incubator, which supports member universities in putting forward competitive EU funding applications
  • Participate in the multilateral arrangements for student exchange
  • Participation for students in EUF summer schools and seminars
  • Participation for students in the Club d’Europe projects and activities
  • Priority access to and support using the EUF's online tools and resources
  • Discounts on all EUF conferences, staff trainings and other events
  • Receive the EUF internal newsletter (12 times per year)
  • Use of the EUF Secretariat to obtain information and facilitate EU contacts
  • Eligibility to propose projects labelled "under the aegis of the EUF"
  • Disseminate your projects and events through the EUF communication channels
  • Receive the EUF’s annual activity and financial report
  • Right to vote in the annual General Assembly meeting
  • Right to nominate candidates for the EUF Steering Committee
  • Active involvement in the preparation of policy papers and activities and in the preparation of conferences and research projects

Currently, new members are being considered only when an existing member university supports their candidacy. For any enquiries please contact the EUF Secretariat at