The members of EUF are public universities that share a culture of academic excellence.

Together we have been in the forefront of European policy making for over a decade, promoting high quality student mobility and a strong European Higher Education area.

The stakeholders of the European University Foundation are its members, who convene yearly at the General Assembly (also known as the Board of Directors meeting).

The General Assembly has the broadest powers to manage the Foundation’s activities and to undertake any acts in the interest and within the purpose of the Foundation (in accordance with article 8.1 of the EUF’s Charter).

Each member has one vote in the General Assembly. The President of the Club d’Europe is also a voting member of the General Assembly.

The General Assembly appoints the Steering Committee members, who work in close cooperation with the Secretary General in overseeing the functioning and development of the EUF. The current members of the Steering Committee (2015-2018) are:

  • Prof. Miguel Angel Sotelo, Vice-Rector of the University of Alcalá
  • Prof. Heinz Fassmann, Vice-Rector of the University of Vienna
  • Prof. Ina Druviete, Vice-Rector of the University of Latvia
  • Prof. Wojciech Wolf, honorary consul of Luxembourg in Poland
  • Marija Drinjakovic, International Relations Manager, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis

The Secretary General of the EUF is Prof. Christoph Ehmann.

Cooperation among the members of the EUF is facilitated through the contact persons appointed in each university for the Coordinators workgroup and by the Secretariat team in Luxembourg.

Additionally, there is a network of project officers who are tasked with the preparation of joint EU project applications – together they form the EUF Project Incubator.