Online tools

Online tools

About the EWP

The goal of the Erasmus Without Paper project is to build an electronic "EWP Network" (imagine a student data internet) supporting the exchange of student data in an electronic form through interlinking the existing Erasmus student databases at HEIs. It is the first attempt to standardise student data transfer on a European-wide scale. Also important to note is that the transfer does not involve documents themselves (e.g. scanned copies) but the data that are contained in these documents, so that they can be used to generate various documents.

This innovative approach of consists in an unprecedented potential to link all HEIs in an overall electronic network, resulting in cost reduction, efficiency and better access to student data across Europe. This can eventually lead to the permanent migration from the paper world to the electronic world of student data, bringing Erasmus+ to a new era based on state-of-the-art IT technology.

About the OLA

The Online Learning Agreeement, a project led by the European University Foundation, is a digitisation initiative that aims to reduce the administrative workload and facilitate student mobility.

The objective of the project is to enable students to prepare their Learning Agreements (LAs) within an online system that will then allow them to liaise with the coordinators of sending and receiving higher education institutions to finalise the document, approve and sign it online. This process therefore transfers a paper-based workflow, which is reliant on timely postal deliveries for signature purposes, into an online system that allows students to gain considerable time when preparing their studies abroad and induce a greater degree of flexibility and efficiency when needing to revise the LA. The online software will also allow HEIs to mainstream the workflows of the management of the LAs to render the process of approving and managing them more efficient, and thus freeing up time for the staff members to work on other international relation activities or improve the quality of credit mobility.

About the Erasmus Dashboard

The Erasmus Dashboard offers HEIs the simplest and most convenient way to manage the LAs of Erasmus+ exchange students. It connects directly with the OLA as well as the Erasmus+ App in order to double as a communication platform with your exchange students.

The Erasmus Dashboard relies on automated notifications and enables the easy use of digital signatures for completing the learning agreement online. It substantially decreases the workload involved in completing and making changes to the LA, helping make sure this document is signed before the beginning of the mobility period.

The Erasmus Dashboard allows to...

- Sign, comment and decline LAs online;
- Have an overview of incoming and outgoing students using the OLA;
- Add institution-specific information and deadlines to the Erasmus+ App;
- Upload nominated exchange students and pre-fill their LAs;
- One-click download of existing learning agreements;
- Easy to use student notifications;
- Collaborate with colleagues in your HEI involved in student mobility;
- Access tutorials, FAQs and other support and reference documentation.

About the Erasmus+ App

In line with the celebration of 30th anniversary of Erasmus Programme, the year of 2017 was a perfect opportunity to reflect on the progress achieved by the programme as well as on the future that can be built.

In this framework, throughout the year, the EUF developed a mobile application with the aim to accompany the user from the application phase of the mobility to the return to their home country. The App provides information on the Erasmus+ programme opportunities for individuals and features multiple functionalities which work as facilitators throughout different states of mobility. The objective of the project was to render mobility easy, accessible and at arm’s reach for every user while promoting innovation and digitisation in the long run.  

The European University Foundation has integrated existing IT infrastructures in the field of learning mobility into the Erasmus+ App, making the App as relevant as possible for individual beneficiaries. New developments of the App are on the way to streamline the existing ways of working and sharing information!

About the EUF

The European University Foundation is a network of universities committed to bring about a modern, strong and competitive European Higher Education Area. The EUF is also an influential advocate for a substantial increase of the quantity and quality of student mobility, regularly putting forward new ideas, policies and recommendations. The network has a rich history of promoting policy reform and contributing to the further development of the Erasmus programme.The network deploys intensive cooperation and policy experimentation under five key pillars:

  1. Digital Higher Education both for governance and provision of education
  2. Entrepreneurship and employability skills of graduates
  3. Policy innovation at national and European level
  4. Active citizenship of students and
  5. Quality mobility for all

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23-24 April 2018

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